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Chair white leather effect stainless steel legs ph 2402450 action buy now

What do you do?

First and foremost we are furniture specialists, providing products, services and advice on all aspects of office furniture. We principally make our money by buying and selling furniture products, but we have some fundamental differences to most of our competitors and the industry generally:

Where most furniture dealers are tied to particular suppliers and products, we are objective in our approach. We have no restrictive contracts with any of our suppliers, and are able to give you our dispassionate advice based on your chosen criteria, not on our relationship with specific suppliers. This has a considerable effect on the time you need to commit to the purchasing of office furniture, whilst also giving you access to a wide portfolio of the best products available in the marketplace.

What products do you provide?

There are over 10,000 furniture ranges available in the UK market from over 1200 manufacturers, of whom approximately 700 are British and the remainder foreign. So the process of selecting furniture can often be a random and daunting one.

We have identified 15 different applications which fully cover the furniture requirements of the office. Our Buyer constantly examines the market and filters out the most suitable products in each area to offer a wide choice of function, design, and budget. This enables us to 'cherry-pick' products objectively for our clients, and to monitor supplier performance through ISO9001.

There are approximately 630 products within our portfolio from 52 suppliers, ranging across 13 countries. You can view this Products Database from the web site, and search on criteria such as Application, Country of Origin, Price banding, and Lead times.

What we can Offer...

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Furniture for the Home produce, sell and deliver a quality range of home furnishings. Give us a call on telephone number 01708 206 488.

Add a Few Essence of Luxury to your Garden

People always desire an elegant life and a luxurious home is a part of it. One of the key features of a home is its garden, without a trendy, luxurious garden a home may look rather deprived. That is why you should choose a few products that may actually give your garden the luxurious cliché.

Luxury garden furniture sets

To ensure a luxurious garden, you need to have a collection of exotic and luxury garden furniture sets. With the right choice of furniture, your garden can emit rays of elegance.

Outdoor benches

Outdoor benches are important for a garden. Often you need to rest or relax a bit for that you need benches. But, if you fail to pick the perfect outdoor benches for your garden then your garden may lack the look you want to give it. So choose the perfect benches for your garden and place them where they fit.

See the full range here of contemporary furniture here

Teak garden loungers

Garden loungers not only add a great sitting place in your garden, it is relaxing as well. You can easily enjoy the nice warm sun and read books under shades. Usually, teak garden loungers are stronger and long-lasting hence more endorsed.

Our Commitment

Home Décor Guidance

Do you want a new look to your bathroom, bedroom, living room, drawing room, kitchen and all the others room. Are you thinking of to doing some new things or some new decorating room to your home? Decorating your home will be expensive one if you don’t know the exact way of cheap and fancy decorating world. You need to decorate your home with a glorious way but also have to save your money. It is the tricky way to learn and get lots of thoughts from other decorators who will guide you about that and give you lots of hints.

We all want to decorate our home in a beautiful and gorgeous way as with the surrounding to be attracted to others. You need to search for the different areas for collecting lots of guidance and ideas. You can collects ideas from the online Internet, magazines or from any retail furniture shop or any decorating shopping mall and many more. You have to first collect endless ideas from different sections. The proper guidance to decorate your home is the exact way to make your home beautiful. You can also visit different houses of your friends or if you fortunately visit a hotel and you like something, you take pictures and note down the details of the theme. The just set up your goals. What you want to do and what is your wish to make your home a modern stylish one. Then go ahead with the proper guidance, tips and all of these things.

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Underfloor Electric Heating

In the underfloor electric heating electric radians are uses for heating the floor. In which electric radiant zigzagging loops of resistance wires re normally retrofitted to a solo room, such as a toilet, bathroom or kitchen dispersing the warmth through the floor surface.

There are many verities of electric underfloor heating kits are available in UK. Some kits types are present which suit any room & floor type given below:

* Laminate Floor Heating: It’s a thin & 0.3mm thick carbon heating film. Available in kits or as a Bespoke, made-to-measure service this product is ideal for Laminate.

* Under Tile Heating: These are loose place cable kits or mats in 120W & 175W per square metre. All cable kits and mat kits are made with double wire, Teflon insulated and earth screeded. The diameter of cables of 3.2mm.

* Bathroom Underfloor Heating: 120W mats and cable kits suitable for utilize in a bathroom. All Kits are completely earth screed & waterproof – perfect for use under tiles in a bathroom.

* Conservatory Heating: 175W mats and cable kits sized to give a high power per square metre. For Conservatories, Garden room or any region requiring a high heat production these Kits are perfect.

* Carpet Heating: Thin carbon heating film is for carpet heating. Available as a Bespoke, made-to-measure system this product should be enclosed with a thin wood previous to the carpet is laid.

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